Lori Ann Cole

Easter Eggs

Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (Egg id: 333)

Sloree and Scoree

The katta food venders on Fountain Plaza are named Sloree and Scoree, a reference to Lori and Corey Cole, the game designers.

Conquests of the Longbow: Legend of Robin Hood (Egg id: 233)

The fair in Nothingham is full of cameos and references.

Screen 1:
- On the lower right you'll find Corey and Lori Cole. Talk to Corey and he'll say "Reminds me of Spielburg", to which Lori replies "On a bad day". Talk to Lori and she'll say "Reminds me of the alleys of Shapeir only, well, earthier", to which Corey replies "Where are the dancing women, that's what I want to know." Spielburg and Shapeir are villages in the Quest for Glory series, which they designed.
- Talk to the man near the bottom, hauling wood, and he'll say "I used to be a programmer for Sierra On-Line, but hauling wood is much easier work." His name is Aaron, a reference to lead programmer Richard Aronson.
- The man sitting on the tapestry, named Oswald Oakhurst, says "These fine rugs come from the King's palace in Daventry, auctioned off for but a fraction of their worth." Oakhurst is the city in California where Sierra had its headquarters. The King's palace of Daventry refers to the King's Quest series. The man looking at the tapestries is Mark Hood, asking the vendor "How do I know these rugs come from Daventry?"
- The woman on the upper right in the blue dress, named Mistress Yhalkee (referring to animator Deanna Yhalkee), says "It all looks so wonderful, I hardly know where to start" and "I wonder where the scrumpy cider is?"
- The person on top, standing near the table selling "sturdy blue trousers" is named Hiram Levi. When talked to and Robin questioning the appeal of his wares, he responds "I may yet find a market for them. Time will tell". Clearly a reference to Levi jeans which became the world's most sold clothing item in the late 19th century.
- The pottery vendor, leaning on the fence and ignoring his customers, is named George Bush. When talked to, he says "I'm busy". The person beside him on the other side of the fence, named Daniel Quail, says "A mind is a waste of thing to lose. Nay, uh... To lose a mind is a waste to... Nay,um...". Clear references to the 41st President and 44th Vice president of the United States, George Bush and Dan Quail.
- The boy at the game board at the upper left of the screen is Josh Mandel, saying "I want to design games when I grow up."