Rise of the Dragon


Map of LA

Traveling between locations is done with the Em-way (subway) and, at the very end of the game, it is also possible to do so with a hover car, obtained at the reservoir.

Blade's: Blade's apartment and the game's starting location. Here Blade can check his vidphone messages and sleep, unless he's on a date with Karyn. Otherwise he'll sleep on the street which is definitely not recommendable. In his apartment, Blade also finds useful items, such as his clothes, pistol, ammo clip, chandra's photo, bombs, Napent, a first aid kit, wiring kit, a candy bar and last but not least, his key card.

City Hall: Unlocked after watching Karyn's viphone message. This area would better be called the city center, as it holds the city hall with various departments as well as the MTZ production facility, among other things. Karyn works at the Bureau of Records in the city hall and you can also find the mayor and police station there. A flowershop allows you to make up on Karyn for missing the date, and in a back alley, you'll find Shang Li, who will provide very useful information and inventory items, including the kevlar vest and a fortune cookie. You'll also see cut scenes about the progress of MTZ production at the warehouse and will need to sabotage it to delay catastrophe. On Day 5, The Jake may invite to meet you at the warehouse.

Pleasure Dome: Unlocked after watching the mayor's vidphone message. This is the party place of LA where you'll find exotic dancers, prostitutes, junkies, card players and some annoying bouncers. Here you will meet The Jake, a friend of Chandra, who, once you've gained his trust, will help you unravel the mystery.

Karyn's: Unlocked after watching Karyn's vidphone message. The apartment of Karyn, though she's never at home, so all you'll see is the corridor. No inventory items to be found either.

Chen Lu's: Unlocked after you get his address from The Jake. You arrive just as his assassin leaves the building. You do find some interesting items though, including a drug patch, his key card and an old scroll in his vault, hidden behind a dragon statue.

Reservoir: Unlocked after showing Chang Li the Chinese parchment. This is where the henchmen of Deng Hwang will pour the MTZ into the water system. Be ready for a shoot-out once Deng sends his troops there. You'll also find the hover car here for faster transportation.

Jonny Qwong's: Unlocked after obtaining his address from Karyn by running Chen Lu's key card through the system. His house is heavily guarded and cannot be entered. So instead you enter the sewer and rewire the control panel to tap his vidphone messages. Beware the rats though - they haven't eaten in a while...

DH Enterprises: Unlocked after watching Deng Hwang's personal vidphone message to you. You can enter the facility either from the roof or through the guarded front gate. This is the place where Karyn is held hostage and where the final confrontation occurs. Beware that your actions are timed and time is short! Disable the security as fast as you can and hurry to free Karyn before she dies!