Willy Beamish (The Adventures of)

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Willy Beamish (The Adventures of)

Egg id: 278

Check the messages on the phone for a reference to rock band Guns 'n Roses.

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Egg id: 279

Look at the poster of the old rocker in Tiffany's room for a reference to musician Bob Dillon.

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Egg id: 280

On the town map, notice the name Dynamix (the game developer) on one of the buildings.


Egg id: 281

Look at the Tootsweet rooftop for a reference to the band Twisted Sister.

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Egg id: 282

Look at the pedestal beside the suit of armor for a double reference to singer Paula Abdul and basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabar.

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Egg id: 277

Look at the picture of the football player in the hallway for a reference to Damon Slye, co-founder of Dynamix, creator of the 3-Space engine and designer of the Aces series.

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Egg id: 53

The framed pictures at the top-left of the blackboard in the classroom refer to previous Dynamix games Heart of China, Rise of the Dragon and pre-Sierra Dynamix title F-14 Tomcat (published by Activision in 1988).

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