Missionforce: Cyberstorm


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MissionForce: Cyberstorm now on GOG!

Take control of the ultimate war strategy game and battle for the future of mankind, as you command the most destructive warriors in the history of Cybrid confrontation. Genetically engineered Bioderms are the pilots you customize and send into the fray. Linked to Herc fighters, they combine to create a fighting force of unthinkable proportions. Upgrade weaponry, manipulate genetic structures, plan and execute multiple missions to beat the Cybrids at their deadly game. The next move is yours!

- Randomly generated scenarios promise unlimited replaybility. Control up to 26 Hercs on the battlefield at once.
- Purchase and upgrade over 75 special weapons to create the ultimate fighting machines.
- Using Stim-Gland you can increase your bioderm's performance in battle, at the risk of making him genetically unstable.
- Completely customize your Herc fighting machines for maximum battlefield efficiency.

Purchase the game DRM-free from here!

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