Codename: Iceman

Tech support

Original game requirements

- MS-DOS 5.0 or greater
- 286 8 mHz or better
- 640 kB RAM
- 2.5 MB Hard drive space
- Tandy Graphics, CGA (greyscale only), EGA, MCGA (PS/2), VGA or Hercules Monochrome
- Roland MT-32, AdLib, Game Blaster, IBM Musica Cards, and other music synthesizers
- Mouse or Joystick recommended

Running Codename: Iceman on modern systems

Codename: Iceman runs perfectly fine under DOSBox. If you are not familiar with DOSBox, you can use this automatic installer from SierraHelp.

Blackhawk is destroyed by Russian destroyer before even making it to the control panel!

This is a programming glitch. A timer runs until the destroyer launches a torpedo, a timer which apparently continues to run even during text boxes of the conversation between the captain and John. To avoid this, type the "TALK CAPTAIN" command as soon as you can and skip through the text boxes - that gives enough time to reach the sub's control panel.

No point for installing the washer on the diver!

This is a program glitch in version 1.023 (DOS) of Codename: Iceman. Unfortunately there is no patch for it, so you can at most earn 299 out of 300 available points. This glitch is fixed in versions 1.033 and beyond.

It's impossible to score 10/10 when tracking the Coontz!

Yes, it is possible if you know how to do it. See the text walkthrough for the explanation on how to achieve it with ease.

I used all my decoys and the submarine never misses!

It misses, if you're deep enough. Turn on the silent mode, dive to just short of 2,300 feet (the bottom) and come to a complete stop - it will rarely hit you there. Save when it misses and restore when it hits.