Making of

Jeff Tunnell Executive Producer
Ken Embery Producer
Jay Dee Alley Art Producer
Randy Thompson Director
Michael Waite Creative Director
Damon Mitchell Art Director
Rhett Anderson Lead Programmer
David Leung Fight Consultant
Tim Midkiff Programmers
Nels Bruckner Programmers
Randy Thompson Programmers
Mark Frohnmeyer Programmers
Damon Mitchell Fighter Modeling and Texturing
Robert Caracol Production Artists
Don Carson Production Artists
John Garvin Production Artists
Vance Naegle Production Artists
Shawn Sharp Production Artists
Weston Tracy Production Artists
Gary Bialke Design Sketches
Don Carson Design Sketches
Josh McGraw Design Sketches
Marcello Vignali Design Sketches
Kellie Bishop Motion Actors
James Choi Motion Actors
Donald "Kosmo" Hom Motion Actors
Chari Hunter Motion Actors
David Leung Motion Actors
Michael Waite Motion Editing
Shannon Watkins Motion Editing
Loudmouth, Inc. Music
Kenneth (Ken) Rogers Sounds Effects
Full Moon Studios Sounds Effects
Heather Henderson Game Voices
Sam Mowry Game Voices
Chrisse Roccaro Game Voices
Navgad Shenck Game Voices
Randy Thompson Documentation - Writing
Kevin Lamb Documentation - Editing
Egil Gloersen Documentation - Layout
Dave Steele QA Director
John Wolf QA Technician
Andrew Binder Lead QA Analyst
Aaron Anderson QA Analysts
Erica Erkkila QA Analysts
Stephen Frost QA Analysts
Darren Haglof QA Analysts
Geoff Hampton QA Analysts
Daniel (Dan) Hinds QA Analysts
Joseph (Joe) Rush QA Analysts
Kenn Smith QA Analysts
Jackson Snellings QA Analysts
Garrett Turner QA Analysts