Huayna Capac, the last grand Inca, after 500 years of his death, prepares a warrior called El Dorado to gather three gems of Time, Energy and Matter, and fight Aguirre, the Spanish leader. The action begins in an asteroid space station called Paititi from which El Dorado hurls to space flying a Tumi-shaped spaceship.
The quest brings him dodging asteroids, dog fighting with Aguirre's forces, racing in canyons, shooting his way through mazes, solving puzzles, including performing rituals and escaping the hold of Aguirre's Spanish galleon. He'll summon the mummy of Pachacutec, revive the statues of the Founders of Huaca, Mama Ocllo and Manco Capac, meets the young Aclla who acknowledges him as the new Sapa Inca and reaches the Intihuatana of Machu Picchu in a Mayan temple. Finally he'll duel against Aguirre himself in a battle to the death.

Inca combines many different genres including space combat simulator and adventure game. Some levels are purely shooting, some have maze exploration, or include inventory-based puzzles or riddles. Game progress is marked with numerical pass codes that are given after specific points of the game, allowing the player to resume playing from that chapter.

Originally released on diskettes, the game was also released as Inca Multimedia CD. The remake provides some longer or additional cut scenes and an updated soundtrack as well as voice overs. The game in the CD version is divided in 16 chapters instead of 12, allowing the player to resume to more specific checkpoints. Also the Mayan level has an additional area with more puzzles.

A sequel was released the next year, under the name Inca II: Wiracocha or Inca II: Nations of Immortality, in which the player controls Eldorado and Aclla's son, Atahualpa. Later in 1995, Coktel Vision also published the game The Last Dynasty which, although officially unrelated to the Inca series, contains a lot of common elements, such as space combat, adventure on a space ship, shooting enemies in a maze, and even a somewhat similar story line.

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