Lost Mind of Dr. Brain (The)



Welcome to The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain. This time, Dr. Brain's really lost his mind over his latest experiment. He didn't anticipate the end results involving the Brain Drain. Now Dr. Brain is really rattled and Rathbone, his faithful lab rat, is well... a rodent genius.

The esteemed Dr. Elaina (a world renowned neurosurgeon and Dr. Brain's niece), needs your intellect, perseverance and ingenuity to help her reconstruct Dr. Brain's brain. As you maneuver through the labyrinth of Dr. Brain's cerebellum, your "gray matter" will be put to the test. It will make the combined efforts of your seven intelligences to solve the ten brain-spinning puzzle areas. A section of the dear doctor's mind is restored when you complete a required number of puzzles in a specific area. There's a nice bonus in it for you too. Your own intellectual prowess will grow as you play.

Good luck. Dr. Brain's fate is in your hands!

New Game/Restore

Your are immediately transported to this screen once you turn on the game. It's here you'll decide if you want to start a new game or restore a saved one. A new game entry will lead to the intro cartoon, while restoring a previous game will move you to Dr. Brain's Lab screen.
Both pages first appear in a faded gray color. Once you select a page, it is highlighted in yellow and words start to appear beneath the selected heading.

New Game Page: Before paying a game, you must name it. File names can be up to eight characters in lenght. You can select any letters from the alphabet shown on the screen. Use the mouse or keyboard to enter the letters on the screen.

Restore: To access a saved game, you need to first restore it. Use the mouse to select it or move the finder to the name and highlight it. Click on Select to activate the game.
Saved games are listed in alphabetical ordr. All ganes are automatically saved with your total score displayed next to the name of the game.

Deleting saved games

On your Mac System: open SYSTEM folder, open PREFERENCES folder, open THE LOST MIND OF DR. BRAIN folder. Delete individual games by opening THE LOST MIND SAVED GAMES folder and drag individual saved games to the TRASH CAN icon on the desktop. Delete ALL saved games by dragging THE LOST MIND SAVED GAMES folder to the TRASH CAN icon on the desktop.

On your Windows System: Identify the installation directory where The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain was installed (eg.c:\SIERRA\DRBRAIN3). Run File Manager, look up the installation directory and and open the SAVEGAME sub-directory. Identify the name of the saved game you want to delete and delete it.

Dr. Brain's Laboratory

Dr. Brain's headquarters is his lab deep inside his castle. Considered "brain central" it's where you and Dr. Elaina will plot your course to solve this traumatic dilemma involving Dr. Brain's missing mind. Filled with scientific instruments, it's ground zero - where everything begins and ultimately ends.

The large video screen behind Dr. Elaina, Dr. Brain and Rathbone shows a color-coded outline of the missing areas of Dr. Brain's brain. Move your mouse over an area and its puzzle name will appear in the dialogue box above the screen. Click on it and Dr. Elaina will say what region it is and you will then be transported to the corresponding puzzle region. REMEMBER: You don't have to finish a puzzle before you leave a specific area. You may move around nine puzzle regions as much as you like, BUT, you must solve enough puzzles to heal the nine areas 100% before you can enter Dreamland, the tenth and final area, and then Dr. Brain can become his old self again.

As you make progress during this delicate operation, each time a puzzle area has been successfully drained back to Dr. Brain from Rathbone, the region on the brain outline loses its color to let you know it's been healed.

Click on the circuit board behind Dr. Elaina to access the introduction cartoon, new game/restore screen and the final cartoon (only available after completing all 10 puzzle areas).

The ten brain teasers:
1) Music Region
2) File Sorting
3) Motor Programming
4) Neural Maze
5) Train of Thought
6) Word Surge
7) Pentode
8) Cad Construction
9) Synaptic Cleft
10) Dreamland

Once you've completed the first nine puzzle areas, you'll be able to access Dreamland, the final puzzle area, by clicking on the brain stem or on any of the gaps between the brain sections. If you complete all the necessary puzzles here, you are indeed a gifted individual. Your actions will save the dear Doctor.

As you you look around the lab, you'll notice Dr. Elaina meticulously recording the nervous ticks and movements Dr. Brain randomly exhibits since the fateful experiment. He and Rathbone often speak in unison, muttering incidental phrases about intelligence, a quirky side effect indeed. Click on Rathbone or Dr. Brain and you'll immediately notice their unusual characteristics.

To quit the game,click on the red-handled switch on the right wall of the lab. the game and your score are automatically saved for another brain reconstruction attempt. Dr. Brain apprciates your efforts and hopefully will have a chance some day to thank you.

The Tool Bar

Each of the 10 puzzle areas has a set of standard controls - the tool bar. the tool bar consists of a video screen panel, instruction button, navigation/lab panel, completion percentage beaker, digital score readout and difficulty panel.

Video Screen Panel: Click on this panel and you will be able to communicate with Dr. Elaina for hints to move on. A word to the wise: If you ask Dr. Elaina for help and she offers a specific hint, the value of the puzzle will decrease. You will not lose any points if she merely offers a general comment about the human brain and how it functions.

Instruction Button: Click on the button below the question marks to hear Dr. Elaina explain the instructions about the puzzle.

Navigation/Lab Panel: Click on this panel and it opens, revealing a wire frame and it will transport you back to Dr. Brain's lab.

Completion Percentage Beaker and digital Score Readout: the beaker will fill up as you complte a puzle. the digital score readout will display how many total points you have scored. You will lose points for accessing hints.

Difficulty Panel: Click here to change the difficulty levels any time during the game. Green is Novice. Yellow is Expert and Red is Genius. the higher the difficulty level, the greater the points for each puzzle and the fewer number of puzzles to solve to complete that area.