Quest for Glory III: Wages of War


Starting Honor points 106.

Note that there are errors in the point system of the game. We highly recommend that you patch the game to upgrade to the enhanced version of Quest for Glory 3, which fixes various bugs, including the point system. The point system in this walkthrough is based on that release. You can download the patch here.

Location Action Puzzle Points Paladin Points


Kreesha's house Uhura will leave to return to her village.
Question Rakeesh. He reveals Tarna is ruled by the Liontaurs. You learn about the Uhura's race, the Simbani, as well as the Leopardmen who are shape changers (humans who take aspects from an animal through magic) living in the jungle. They are on the edge of war. You learn the Council of Judgement is made up of the wisest of liontaurs, with Kreesha as the magic member.
Question Kreesha. As worker of spells she is specialized in teleportation and communication. The leader of the Simbani came to Tarna to ask to ally against the Leopardmen in the war and the Council of Judgement is investigating it. Reeshaka, daughter of Rakeesh and Kreesha, lead a peace mission expedition to the Leopardmen but they were ambushed at night and only one human escaped to tell about it. Rajah, King of Tarma is Rakeesh's brother.
Leave her house by walking off the top left area.
Middle Plateau Go west to the Bazaar and walk through it to the north end.
Money changer A person will steal from the money changer and run off. Run after him (8).
The thief is apprehended and you appear at the Hall of Judgement.
8/8 8/8
Hall of Judgement The thief is declared honorless. You're summoned to the King's Chambers with Rakeesh.
King's Chambers Once you gain control, click the Mouth on yourself and "Greet". Next, "Answer Rajah". Next, "Defend Rakeesh" (P2). Next, "Talk about Rakeesh". Finally, "Say Goodbye".(P2) 4/12
Money Changer Give the money changer your 200 Dinars to convert to 180 Royals. 4/12 4/16
Bazaar Try to bargain with every merchant, changing the price until he or she agrees - you'll get lower prices and gain communication skills.
Buy five Zebra Skins (2) and ten water skins (3) from the Leather Seller.
Go down one screen.
5/17 5/21
From the Weapon Merchant, buy a Fine Dagger (2) and a Fine Spear (2).
Buy a jar of Honey (2) from the Honey Seller.
Buy a Tinderbox (3) from the Junk Dealers.
Head down another screen.
9/26 9/30
Without bargaining (pointless), buy some beads (2) from the Bead Merchant.
Head down to the final screen of the bazaar.
2/28 2/32
Talk to Shallah the Katta merchant and tell about Shapeir (3). Give him the Note from Shema (5).
A Paladin gains the flaming sword skill (2).
Try to buy the carving - he'll give it to you for free (2).
10/38 12/44
Bargain the Meat Merchant down to 1 common, and buy a TON of meat (like 50 or so), so that you'll not need to buy any more.
Buy a Fine Robe (2) from the Clothing Merchant.
Give some coins (3) to the drummer.
Return to the Middle Plateau.
5/43 5/49
Middle Plateau Enter the apothecary. Talk to Salim about all subjects.
Ask about Healing Pills to prompt a talk about a Honeybird Feather he needs to make more.
Ask about Dispel Potions to find out he needs three ingredients: A Venomous Vine Fruit, a Gift from the Heart of the World, and Water from the Pool of Peace.
Ask about Plants and then Tree to hear a familiar story about a woman being a tree.
Tell him about Julanar (10) and he'll be leaving for Shapeir with the next caravan.
10/53 10/59
Top Plateau Enter the Temple of Sekhmet at the top. You'll be ejected, but you'll also be given the quest to find a Gem of the Guardian.
Middle Plateau Go to the Welcome Inn. If you want to speak to Janna Jamil, sit down on a pillow. Be sure to read the bulletin board (3). Meals here cost one Royal. Your room is paid for by Kreesha. You can sleep a night in here, and store unneeded items in the chest. 3/56 3/62


Welcome Inn You can spend the next day doing whatever in Tarna. You can even leave the city, but you can't go very far. About sunset on Day 2, you'll go back to your room automatically.


Hall of Judgement You and Rakeesh will speak about trying to bring peace between the Simbani and the Leopardmen. Swear your honor to fulfill this (P5). 5/67
King's Chambers "Greet" him, then "Talk about Honor", then "Talk about Rakeesh", then "Say Goodbye".
You and Rakeesh will leave Tarna (3).
3/59 3/70
Savannah As you walk, Rakeesh will talk to you about stuff, and how your class can help in the cause. If you're a Paladin, he'll describe to you the abilities you can gain as you do more good deeds.


Savannah You pass into the next screen with the Simbani village in sight (3) and soon arrive there. 3/62 3/73
Simbani village After speaking with the Elder Mngoje at the village edge, you meet up with Uhura who leads you into the hut of the Laibon.
Laibon hut "Greet" first and ask him anything,but especially "Ask about Spear" (2) to learn about how the Spear of Death was stolen. You will soon leave the hut. 2/64 2/75
Uhura's Hut Ask her about the Spear (2).
After a bit of talking, you'll have dinner, then you'll go to your guest hut with Rakeesh.
2/66 2/77
Guest hut Talk to Rakeesh as long as you want, then "Say Good Night" to go to sleep.


Rakeesh returned to Tarna. There are a number of things to do over the span of several days (minimum 3). Since there's no time limit (unlike in Quest for Glory 2), you can do them pretty much randomly. In addition to certain events, you can use the rest of the day to upgrade (and max out) your skills up to the max of 300 points.
Awari stone Go north from the Laibon's Hut to find his son Yesufu. Talk to him, question him and Play some Awari with him (3). While you're playing, you can question Yesufu clicking the Mouth on his portrait, or talk to him by clicking elsewhere. Play with him at least two games each day. 3/69 3/80
The third day you play, you'll have the option to Tell about Friendship. He'll become your friend (3). 3/72 3/83
Pool of Peace You'll need a lot of stamina as you train, so leave the village and head south to the watery area - the Pool of Peace - and fill all your water skins which fully replenish stamina when consumed (3). Then return to the village. 3/75 3/86
Savanna As you walk through the savanna, you'll sometimes encounter enemies to defeat. The first enemies are usually the Croc (2) and Giant Ant (2). Get rocks off the ground and throw them at enemies to weaken them before the actual combat and to upgrade your throwing skills also. 4/79 4/90
Spear Throwing Area To the left of the Laibon's Hut is the spear-throwing area. Practice throwing spears to improve throwing skills. Soon, Uhura will come up to you and give you some pointers. If you leave and come back later, she may actually challenge you. See if you can beat her (3). Accepting the challenge will trigger the Leopardman prisoner in the Awari stone screen. 3/82 3/93
Wrestling Bridge to the right of the Laibon's Hut is the Wrestling Bridge. Use it as monkey bars to rapidly increase and max out your strength stat.
Climb up it and Uhura will show up and explain the moves. You can jump, duck, dodge left, or dodge right. You have to properly respond to your opponent's moves by doing the exact opposite move. Later, Uhura will challenge you. Try to beat her (3). 3/85 3/96
Storyteller On day 2 or 3, you'll meet the storyteller at the Awari stone. Talk to and question him. After sunset, he'll appear at the center of Simbani, telling stories to the crowd. Listen to it (2). 2/87 2/98
Laibon's Hut After about 3 days the guard will let you enter Laibon's hut. Notice the drum. Greet him and ask him (just once!) about the drum (2). Say Goodbye. 2/89 2/100


Savanna Leave Simbani village and go right into the jungle screen (3). 3/92 3/103
Jungle You'll encounter new enemies. Namely the flying cobra (2), Dinosaur (2) and Leopardman (2). 6/98 6/109
When killing a dinosaur, get its horn (3). 3/101 3/112
Heart of the World Head to the Heart of the World (the huge tree). Find your way up the tree, following the paths. When you're mid-level of the trunk, the path forks. follow the lower path to find a small cave with the Guardian of the Mother floating around. It will approach and "possess" you to communicate. You can question it while you flash, and tell it things while you don't flash.
Ask it about a Gift to find out how to get the Gift from the Heart of the World. Ask it about a Gem, and it'll drop several Gems on the ground. Take JUST ONE (5)! Then leave the cave, return to the fork and take the upper path. 5/106 5/117
Pour Water from the Pool of Peace, and a fruit will appear on a branch, which you take (5). 5/111 5/122
Monkey Manu Head to the last screen of the Jungle (8). Walk around a bit until you find a monkey trapped in a cage. Free it (8). You can also talk to him (Manu). Return to the Savanna 16/127 16/138
Honeybird Wander around the west side of the second savanna screen and you'll run into a Honeybird flying over. Follow it to arrive at a tree with killer bees. Put some honey on the ground and leave - the location will be marked by a bee.
Go back, and you'll see the bird in the honey. Get close, and it'll take off, but leave behind a feather. Get it (8). then cross into the first Savanna screen.
8/135 8/146
Venomous Vines Head for the two small rocks at the bottom right of the first Savanna screen t find the Venomous vines. You'll see meerbats. Leave and come back. A young meerbat makes a grab at the fruit but he'll get snagged. Throw a rock or dagger at the vines (you can also use your sword on them, but may get poisoned). With the young meerbat saved (8), leave and return once more, and he'll have arranged some stones around a gift, a Venomous Vine Fruit (8), and a Fire Opal. Take both and leave (8). 16/151 16/162


With all necessary items collected, return to Tarna.
Temple of Sekhmet You'll bring the Gem of the Guardian to the Priestess (10). 10/161 10/172
Entering a trance, you're interrogated by the gods. Choose symbols to get questions asked. Fighters will want to choose the Sword or the Fist at least once, and the Paladin should choose the Heart. Choose some relatively nice answers. If you choose good answers, you'll be judged worthy to hear the prophecy (10). If you choose the proper symbol at least once, you'll be judged in harmony (5). 15/176 15/187
Apothecary Give Salim the Honeybird Feather (3), the Fruit of the Venomous Vine (3), some Water from the Pool of Peace (3), and the Gift from the Heart of the World (3). 12/188 12/199
Bazaar Walk from the South to the north end. Halfway, the thief you sentenced to being without honor will ask you for help. Agree to help (4). 4/192 4/203
Welcome Inn Some night, the survivor of the peace mission to the Leopardmen will visit the Inn (there will be two empty pillows). Once you order a meal or "Say Goodbye" to Janna, he'll sit next to you. Talk to him about whatever, but especially the Peace Mission (7). 7/199 7/210
Bazaar At night go down and talk to the thief. Give him food also. Keep coming back the following nights and talking to him. The third time, tell him about Rakeesh (8). 8/207 8/218
Apothecary Return to the apothecary the next day, and buy his Dispel Potions. If you told him about Julanar, he'll give the two of them to you for free (6). 6/213 6/224
Kreesha's house Optionally visit Kreesha and Rakeesh - they're cuddling in the back quarters of the house. Return to Simbani.


Awari stone Use a dispel potion on the prisoner. It's an Leopard woman. 15/228 15/239
Spend the day practicing some more spear throwing, wrestling on the bridge or killing monsters in the savanna. In the evening visit Uhura in her hut.
Uhura's Hut Uhura suggests you to marry the leopard woman to get information from her. Ask Uhura about marriage (2). She says that before marriage you first need to be a warrior. Return to Tarna. 2/230 2/241
Kreesha's house Tell Kreesha about the Dispelled Leopard Lady (2). She also recommends you marry her, then release her to gain her trust. 2/232 2/243
Tarna The Laibon will set a Bride Price for the Leopard Lady. The price is a Fine Robe, a Fine Spear, and five Zebra Skins. If you haven't bought them yet, get them at the bazaar. Then return to Simbani. If you don't have a dinosaur horn yet, make sure to get one on the way.
Laibon hut Give the dinosaur horn to the Laibon (3). He'll set up the Warrior Initiation rites. You'll compete against your new friend Yesufu. 3/235 3/246
Initiation rites You'll start by running off to the Twisted Tree. Yesufu will start by throwing spears to try to knock off the ring.
You on the other hand, grab a vine off the tree and you'll tie it to the spear. Throw the spear at the ring, and you'll win this event (5).
5/240 5/251
Next, you'll run to the Circle of Thorns. Yesufu will start by stabbing the circle with a spear.
Use the tinder box to set the thorns aflame and get the ring (5). NOTE: if instead you push the nearby log to get the ring, you'll also win this round but receive NO points.
5/245 5/256
You'll run some more. Yesufu gets stuck in a trap, so help him (8), and you'll run back to the village. 8/253 8/264
The Laibon will name a winner. If Yesufu won, you'll get (5) points. If you won, you'll get (10) points. You'll automatically come out as the loser unfortunately - apparently a programming bug. 5/258 5/269
You'll enter the spear throwing contest. You'll trade off throwing spears, first at an non-moving target, then at a moving target. Beat Yesufu (5). 5/263 5/274
Finally, you'll duel on the wrestling bridge. Throw him off the bridge three times (save after each fall) to win the event (5). 5/268 5/279
Laibon hut The Laibon declares you the winner (10) and invites you to his hut. 10/278 10/289
Laibon hut Tell the Laibon about mission or drum - he'll give you the leopard men drum to negotiate a peace deal.


Laibon hut Reenter the Laibon's hut and give him the fine robe (3), zebra skins (3) or fine spear (3) - you'll give the other items automatically. 9/287 9/298
Awari stone (Be sure to tell Uhura about Initiation (3).)
(Speak to Uhura, and ask her about Wife (2). She'll explain three gifts that you'll want to give her.)
Give the Leopard Lady the Beads (3), the Wooden Leopard (3), and the Fine Dagger (3). Open her cage and she'll run off.
9/296 9/307
Jungle Wander around for a while. When you feel like somebody's watching you, call out (3). Johari the Leopard Lady will show up. Talk to her and show her the Magic Drum - she'll take you to her village (8). 11/307 11/318
Leopard village Johari mentions how dangerous her people are. Tell her about Romance. Then click the Hand on her to kiss (3). 3/310 3/321
When it turns night, you'll watch the Change Ritual, after which she'll take you to her father, the chief. Give him the Drum to return it to them (20).
Ask about Spear and he'll give you the Simbani Spear of Death.
20/330 20/341
Simbani village You'll automatically return to the Simbani Village, where you present the Laibon with the Spear of Death (20). Now, the Simbani and the Leopardmen will talk of peace. 20/350 20/361
Kreesha's house If you've acted honorably throughout the game (and aren't already a Paladin), you will be taken to the home of Rakeesh and Kreesha, where Rakeesh presents you with his sword, Soulforge. 50/400 0/361
Hall of Judgement >ou witness the Peace Conference (20). The Laibon insults the leopardmen. Rakeesh gets a bad feeling (so will you, if you're a Paladin) and suddenly, the Leopardman Chief will cast the Simbani Leader to the floor. His son, Yesufu, kills the Chief with a spear. Rakeesh tells you to quickly run out of Tarna and find the Demons before everyone marches to war. 20/420 20/381
If you're still a Fighter, Yesufu will give you the Spear of Death to fight Demons.


Savana You cannot reenter Tarna and Simbani village is also closed as they mourn the passing of the Laibon. Head towards the jungle.
Jungle You'll run into the monkey, Manu, who invites you to Monkey Village. Ask him about Village, then Agree (3). 3/423 3/384
Monkey village bottom Asking Manu "Help", then "Rope", "Help again", then "vine", "help" again and then swingline", Tell Manu about "Swingline and he'll drop one which you'll use to climb up to the treetops (8). 8/431 8/392
Tree tops Ask Manu about the Lost City and everything. Convince Manu and he'll take you there (3). He will do so reluctantly. 3/434 3/395
waterfall Get a two vines from the nearby tree and you'll combine them into a rope (3). 3/437 3/398
Tell Manu about Vine Rope and he'll tie it to the other end, allowing you to cross the falls (10). 10/447 10/408
Jungle The monkeys flee as a Demon Worm appears. Kill it (2) to make it past the demon guards (3). 5/452 5/413
Lost City entrance Ask Manu about the Secret Entrance and bid goodbye.
In the next area near the secret entrance, you'll see an Apeman patrolling. You can fight him or just wait until he passes.
Move up to the door for a close-up and put the Fire Opal in the eye, the door will open and you'll enter (8). 8/460 8/421
Antechamber There are two Demons in this room. Walk up to them and defeat the demon guard (7). Open the door behind him. 7/467 7/428
Reeshaka You find the liontaur Reeshaka, daughter of Rakeesh and Kreesha. Talk to her and then say goodbye - she'll become possessed by a Demon. You can fight her/it, or you can throw your remaining Dispel Potion on it (10). 10/477 10/438
A portal opens and Uhura, Yesufu, Johari, Harami and Rakeesh will come to help. Uhura and Rakeesh will have to hold off the Demons approaching while you and the rest move on. Harami refuses to fight, but Manu shows up to help out also.
Mirror room You enter the mirror room (3) and each of you will face off against an evil version of yourself. Fight your doppelganger - a very long fight which you can't win, but finally Harami will show up and stab it in the back, letting you run up the stairs to the tower. 3/480 3/441
Tower The Demon Wizard, the one who poisoned Rakeesh years ago, challenges you. He'll turn the gargoyle near him to life. Defeat it (3). 3/483 3/444
Use your on yourself to protect against the fireballs and then knock over the Gargoyle which has returned to stone. Cross over and the Wizard will cause the Gargoyle to grab your foot. Throw either the Spear of Death or your Paladin Sword at him (depending on your class). With the Demon Wizard incapacitated, use your Shield on the Gate Orb nearby to push it into the vortex (20). The Demon Wizard will be sucked in and destroyed (10), and you'll go back down the stairs to find your friends (25). 55/535 55/496