Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist


Freddy Pharkas, born and raised in Saint Louis showed gunslinging skills already from the age of four and became the fastest shooter of the west. Then one day, he faced the outlaw, Kenny the Kid, who outdrew him and shot his right ear off. Freddy decided to give up on the gunnery and pursue a life-long ambition - pharmacology. After graduation from college he moved to Coarsegold and bought a pharmacy with almost nobody in town knowing about his past. Recently a beautiful young school marm by the name of Penelope Primm also arrived in Coarsegold and stole Freddy's heart. Despite their growing relationship, Freddy can't bring up to tell her about his past.

But then strange things start happening in town. One business after another is being closed, either by the bank or by authority of the sheriff. First the mines, then the post office, the Tall & Thin Shop, the Dirty Sheet Hotel, the blacksmith and more. The train no longer arrives, horses become sick, a fire threatening the whole town breaks out, the local water supply gets contaminated and a stampede of snails approaches the village. Freddy manages to thwart everything with his cunning and pharmaceutical skills, but clearly there is some foul play at work. Who is responsible for all the happenings? Is the banker or the sheriff, or is there somebody else pulling their strings? When at one point Freddy finds out that his very life may be in danger, he has to make a crucial decision - leave town like the others, or pick up his old gunslinger expertise and fight for the town and his beloved Penelope.

Freddy Pharkas, designed by Al Lowe and Josh Mandel was made after Al completed Leisure suit Larry 5. Noticing that there was not a single western-type adventure game, let alone a funny one, he started designing it in 1992. The wits of co-designer (and director and producer) Josh added even more humor on top it. In addition, the game also features a small number of arcade sequences. The game was re-released on CD-ROM with voice-overs, introducing Jan Rabson as the voice of Leisure Suit Larry (or, at least, his great great grant father in this case). some people prefer the initial release though, as many of the lines (particularly the comments and puns on the inventory items) were cut from the CD-ROM release. While the game ending strongly hints at more Freddy Pharkas adventures in the future, this game unfortunately remained a single title.

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