Mithis Entertainment



Mithis was founded at the beginning of 2002. From a small group of enthusiastic people, they have become the biggest developer studio in Hungary by today. Mithis' goal remained the same: to continuously provide the gamers with console and PC titles of outstanding quality and to become one of the most acclaimed, leading developers in the world by gathering together the most talented developers in their region.

Mithis make the kind of games they expect to get a good reception in the market and games they themselves also enjoy playing. Titles that portray visually engaging, fully immersive worlds with vastly entertaining gameplay. Being also registered PS2 and Xbox developers (and certain candidates for the next-generation consoles), Mithis is dedicated to pushing ahead the level of quality in electronic gaming.

The strong financial background, ensured by three strategic investors, allows them to concentrate solely on producing first-class, premium quality products for the market. Mithis currently employs about 80 professional developers internally and work with a lot of subcontractors (graphic artists, sound engineers, etc.) as well. The well-organized company structure and the experience of the management enable us to run several project simultaneously. For this reason, they are constantly looking not only for talented individuals to join their company but also for teams with existing technology or with a game demo (prototype) in a presentable state to offer them different cooperation opportunities. In order to expand their range of activities and to penetrate a dynamically growing market, they have recently set up their mobile game developer division under the brand name 'Mobile Gang'. Mobile Gang's Java games are being distributed by more than 15 companies all around the world.

In 2006 Eidos acquired the company and turned it into Eidos Studios Hungary.