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Easter Eggs in BOP-A-BET

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Easter Eggs referring to BOP-A-BET

Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist (Egg id: 245)

Check out the little papers sticking on the wall in the general store for the following reference:

"Wanted! Dead or alive! For crimes of bad taste, innuendo and perversion. Albert 'The Tinkler' Lowe, alias 'The Talking Bear', alias 'Rottweiler Al', alias 'creator of the cult classic 'BOP-A-BET'. Reward: $500 dead, $15 alive", referring to game designer Al Lowe and BOP-A-BET.

Police Quest I: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (Egg id: 392)

Enter the following search strings into the computer at the Lytton Police Department:
- "Jim Walls" (designer of Police Quest) results in "Nice ol' family man; former CHiP (not as in cow).
- "Ken Williams" (founder and CEO of Sierra): "Like a civil servant: we can't fire him and can't get him to work."
- "Al Lowe" (Police Quest programmer and creator of Leisure Suit Larry): "Former programmer; author of that cult classic, "Bop-A-Bet!"", also referring to one of Al Lowe's first games.
- "Greg Rowland" (programmer of Police Quest): "Computer renaissance man: artist, programmer, guitarist."