After Dark Classic

Tech support

Original system requirements:

Windows CD-ROM:
- 386 or better running Microsoft Windows 3.1x or Windows 95
- 8MB RAM (Windows 95 users) or 4MB RAM (Windows 3.1 users)
- 6MB free hard disk space
- VGA color display (256 colors recommended)
- Sound card

Macintosh CD-ROM:
- Supports all Macs except Plus, SE, Classic, Powerbook 100 & Portable Power Mac compatible.
- 4MB free RAM
- 3MB free hard disk space
- System 7.x compatible
- Color or gray scale monitor

Problem: Lunatic Fringe doesn't start in Win3x

You're playing After Dark Classic under Windows 3x and Lunatic Fringe doesn't start, but rather immediately switches off and returns you to your Windows screen.

Solution: In config.sys, set FILES to at least 80 and BUFFER to at least 10.