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In Hobbiton lives a hobbit, named Bilbo Baggins. He lives a peaceful life, enjoying quiet and food. Until one day he gets a visit from Gandalf the wizard and thirteen hungry dwarfs. The dwarfs, under the leadership of Thorin, are on a quest to regain the Lonely Mountain, long ago a stronghold of the dwarfs until they were driven away by Smaug the dragon. In their quest to regain the lonely mountain and slay Smaug, Gandalf suggests they will need a burglar and that burglar... is Bilbo. Although Bilbo first declines, a dream of adventure with elves, men, goblins and dwarfs convinces him to do the unthinkable and join the group on a long and dangerous adventure far away from home.

You are Bilbo Baggins and on your journey you will meet many interesting characters and dangerous foes, such as Trolls, wolves, Stone Giants, venomous spiders, and goblins. As you travel the lands, you learn new fighting skills and find a beautiful sword with Elvish runes that glows in the dark. You also encounter a creature named Gollum and manage to steal a magic ring from him, a ring that turns you invisible upon wearing it. You will travel through the Lowlands, the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood forest, through remains of dwarf mines and through a forest haunted by the Witch King and his undead minions. And finally, after a visit to Laketown, the greatest test of all still awaits you - outsmarting a seemingly invincible dragon and end his tyranny once and for all. But then, when finally the Lonely Mountain has been reclaimed, one final challenge awaits: the Battle of Five Armies.

The Hobbit is one of three titles published by Vivendi/Sierra Entertainment in the Lord of the Rings universe after they signed an agreement with Tolkien Enterprises in 2002. This third-person action adventure game combines action, stealth and wits in a wonderful adventure which, although it is aimed at younger audiences, can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. The game was released for the PC, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and XBox, and also has an alternate handheld version for the GameBoy Advance.

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