Crazy Nick's Software Picks: Robin Hood's Games Of Skill And Chance


In the summer of 1992 Sierra combined mini arcade sequences, casino and board games that were originally included in various adventure and Hoyle games, and released these mini compilations as budget releases in blister cards under the title Crazy Nick's Software Picks. These contained a single 3.5" floppy and were released for the PC only. Five such compilations were released. Robin Hood's Games Of Skill And Chance contains the games Archery, Nine Men Morris and Sticks that were originally arcade sequences included in Conquests of the Longbow: Legend of Robin Hood.

The object of Archery is to aim for the center of the targets and adjust your aim according to the wind direction, which is indicated by direction the nearby flag. After 6 shots Robin will collect the arrows and you can try again for as long as you like. You can't win or lose with this game.

Nine Men Morris could easily be one of the oldest board games in the world. This is a two-person game. Each player has 9 pieces. There are 24 "points" on the board where a piece may be placed. These are the corners of the squares and the places where the connection lines intersect. The object of the game is to create "mills" and remove your opponent's pieces from the board until he has 2 pieces left or is unable to make any moves. A "mill" is 3 of the same player's pieces laid in a row with no vacant points between them. Each time a player moves one of her pieces so that he creates a new mill, she can remove one of her opponent's pieces. Pieces that line up diagonally or without being connected by a line do not count.

Sticks is pretty similar to the battle with the Saracen at the end of Conquests of Camelot. You have 4 offensive moves (strikes) and 4 defensive moves (parries, ducking and jumping). Using the keyboard, mouse, or joystick, you can execute an overhead great blow, a head strike, body strike, or leg strike. Defensively you can parry an overhead great blow, duck a head strike, parry a body strike, or jump to dodge a leg strike. In the beginning of each game you can select the difficulty.

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