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Johnny Castaway may not be a game, but it is more than just an ordinary screen saver. It tells the story of Johnny, a man stranded on a tiny island with a single tree. Normally, he will just sit around, read, sleep, fish, work on his raft and sometimes take a dive. However, there are many special events that will happen over time. Pirates will come to the island to terrorize Johnny, a seagull steals things and teases him, a shark waits for the opportune moment to snack on him, airplanes and boats pass by, and he may even try to do a rain dance to battle the heat. Johnny Castaway also has a charming storyline - while he is working on his raft and looking for ways to return to the civilized world, he falls in love with a mermaid. Since he can't bring the mermaid with him, he faces a huge dilemma. You'll be glued for hours on this screensaver just to see what Johnny will be up to next!

Character designer Shawn Bird was asked to create a character that was weathered but likable. Johnny Castaway was the first product created by Jeff Tunnell Productions, an offshoot of Sierra/Dynamix, and one of the first Windows screen savers (note the use of the 16 standard windows colors). The screen saver has both a day and night cycle and takes place over a time span of 11 days. There are also special days, such as Christmas and Halloween. Based on the computer's system clock, the island is then decorated with an item symbolizing that day of our year.

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