Simple Refrain (A)


A Simple Refrain is an album dedicated to Robert Holmes' game themes throughout the years, performed for solo piano by Roger Hooper. The album contains 12 tracks, covering themes from the Gabriel Knight games, which were developed by Sierra On-Line, as well as themes from Gray Matter and Moebius, developed post-Sierra. The tracks are:

- Grandma Knight (From GK1)
- Gabriel Knight 3 Main Theme (From GK3)
- David's Theme (From Gray Matter)
- Epilogue (GK2)
- Rector Antiques (Moebius)
- Ludwig (From GK2)
- Cairo Slow (From Moebius)
- The Daedalus Club (From Gray Matter)
- Bianca (From Moebius)
- Grace's Theme (From GK2)
- Super (From GK2)
- Gabriel Knight 1 Main Theme (From GK1)

The album was released both in digital form (on 01/17/2019) and on physical CD (on 02/20/2019). See the links below to purchase a copy or listen to some samples.

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