In Trapshoot, designed by Kieth Yilt, one up to five players can compete in a game of trap shooting, where clay targets (pigeons) are shot at various angles from a trap located in front of the player. Each player has five shots from each of the five positions in front of the trap for a total of 25 shots. The player with the highest score (most destroyed targets) wins. Before each game, the pigeon size, pigeon speed and shotgun choke can be set for a higher or lower difficulty.

TrapShoot was the second game On-Line Systems ever released, within a few days after Mystery House, which was released on May 5 1980. According to Sierra founder Ken Williams, only a handful of copies were sold from door to door by him and his wife Roberta in person. So far we've seen only 2 copies of it, making it one of the rarest Sierra collectibles.

Shortly after the release of Trapshoot, Skeetshoot was released, using the same game play. However in Skeetshoot the player shoots from 8 different positions and clay pigeons are shot from two opposite houses in turn with occasionally two pigeons being shot simultaneously for a total of 24 shots.

Both Trapshoot and Skeetshoot were only released for the Apple II. Mystery House, Trapshoot and Skeetshoot were all featured in Sierra's very first advertisement in the magazine Micro 6502 in May 1980.

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