Welcome to Skeetshoot.

The object of the game is to shoot the moving targets out of the sky. On the field are two houses. There are also eight standard positions to shoot from with positions 1 through 7 forming a half circle counterclockwise from the first to the second house, and position 8 located directly between the houses.

At each position a skeet (really a clay pigeon) is thrown from the house on the left and then one is thrown from the house on the right. At positions 1, 2, 6, and 7, besides besides having one thrown from each side (known as singles), clay pigeons will be thrown from both simultaneously (known as doubles). Each positions is different from the others in that you are viewing the field from a completely different angle.

The game allows you to adjust the difficulty of the game to your own expertise. There are three difficulty parameters (pigeon size, pigeon speed, and the width of your shotgun spray, also known as choke). The smaller the number specified the harder the game. The game allows up to five players to compete against each other. Each player completes his/her turn at any given position before the next player's turn begins in that position. the active player is noted by an asterisk net to his/her score.

Paddle 0 is used to aim the gun. the button is used for two purposes: 1) to tell the computer you are ready for the next pigeon and 2) to fire the gun. when the button is pushed the first time the pigeon will be thrown after a short time delay.

Note: when playing this game through Applewin, it is recommended to use the mouse as the controller.