3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers Deluxe: Traxxas Edition


Music extracted with Audiograbber (except for Battle Theme was recorded in-game). Most songs are from 3D Ultra Radio Control Racers, but this Deluxe edition adds four new songs (marked by "new" below). Only the song of the intro video of 3D Ultra Radio Control Racers is not present in this list because the Deluxe edition doesn't have that intro movie.

01. Game menu

02. Thrill Ride Track - Minigolf Track

03. Frog Pond Track

04. Under Construction Track

05. Hillbilly Hill Track

06. Backyard Track

07. Traxxas Raceway Track (new)

08. Desert Track (new)

09. RC Pro Extreme Track - R/C Racers Pro Am Track

10. R/C Off-Road Classic Track (new)

11. Haunted Track

12. Aztec Track (new)

13. Ultimate RC Track

14. Scoreboard

15. Battle Theme (new)