Space Quest V: The Next Mutation

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Space Quest V: The Next Mutation

Egg id: 482

At the Academy rotunda, after cleaning the crest, go back up and to the opposite end of the rotunda to see Elvis walking by.

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Egg id: 483

After picking up garbage near Peeyu, Flo intercepts a transmission between an alien and a human (later discovering it was Quirk). Notice the mug beside Quirk's monitor - it is Dynamix mug, the developer of the game.


Egg id: 484

Genetix, the company that developed the primordial soup, has the same company logo as Dynamix (the developer of the game), just a different but similar name.


Egg id: 485

In the pod bay, open the far left locker for Astro Chicken to appear and its tune to play. Astro Chicken originates from Police Quest 1, then was introduced in the Space Quest series in Space Quest 3.

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Egg id: 486

When entering the maze of the Goliath, go left at the first intersection and Roger will reappear and head right, chased by Pacman.

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Egg id: 487

If crushed by an elevator in the Goliath, the death message mentions Mixed-Up Mother Goose, another Sierra game, designed for children.

TAGSMixed-Up Mother Goose (Roberta Williams') (VGA)

Egg id: 488

In the Academy hallways, keep walking north. You will eventually see Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi from "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" battling it out at the far end of the hallway.

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Egg id: 489

One of the planets in the game that cannot be visited by Roger, is called "Lukaszuk II", a reference to the brothers Darek and Piotr (Peter) Lukaszuk, programmers at Dynamix. In the German release the planet is named Inkubus.

TAGSDarek Lukaszuk, Piotr (Peter) Lukaszuk

Egg id: 490

On the left side of the Starcon rotunda, look at the large moon for a reference to Nova 9, also developed by Dynamix.

TAGSNova 9: The Return of Gir Draxon

Egg id: 491

After passing the test, Roger underwent a captain's training seminar on the planet of Oakhurst. Oakhurst is the town where Sierra had its headquarters.

Also, looking at W-D40 in the transporter room reveals she's from planet Oakhurst IV.

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