Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out

Tech support

Original game requirements:

- MS-DOS 5.2 or Windows 3.1 or greater
- 486 or better
- 2x CD-ROM
- 4 MB RAM
- 10 MB Hard drive space
- VGA, 256 colors
- SoundBlaster compatible Soundcard
- Mouse

Larry 6 DOSBox installer

Leisure Suit Larry 6 is best played under DOSBox. Those who are not familiar with DOSBox, can find a DOSBox installer for Larry 6 at the SierraHelp Pages to set it up automatically. It works both for the floppy and CD-ROM versions of the game.

Mouse doesn't work

After installing the game from Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses, the mouse does not work. To fix this, open the "RESOURCE.CFG" file in your Larry 6 folder with Notepad. Look for the line "mouseDrv = none" and change it to "mouseDrv = STDMOUSE.DRV". The install should have had it in the config file, but it does not.

"Oops" error or tram can't be stopped

When an "Oops" error occurs on the beach after lighting the "Lamp of Wisdom" or when trying to light the match, or you can't stop the tram again to get the batteries after the first time, then apply this patch.

Can't stop tram at all

There may be a problem with your saved game. To get past this error, you will need to restore to a previous saved game at a point BEFORE you talked to the girl in the mud bath who wants the batteries. Before you talk to her, get the match from the bar. Then talk to the girl. Then go to the tram as quickly as possible. The faster you go from talking to the girl to getting the tram to stop, the less chance there is of this problem occurring.

The game hangs

This may occur after giving a gift to Rose Eleeta, when Larry is about to receive a high colonic treatment, or with the cellulite lamp. To fix this Lockup, you will need to edit the RESOURCE.WIN file in the game directory: Open RESOURCE.WIN in Notepad. Find the line that says "patchDir=c:\sierra\ll6cd;d\patches" (assuming that D: is your CD-ROM drive, otherwise adjust), change the line to "patchDir=c:\sierra\ll6cd;d:\hires\patches"
After you make these changes, your saved games will no longer work. You will need to start the game over from the beginning.

Sound effects noise

This problem occured when playing the VGA version in DOSBox. Whenever doors open or something requires a sound effect, a buzzing noise keeps sounding.

Solution: Change sound emulation from "sb16" to "sbpro2" in the DOSBox conf file.