King's Quest III Redux

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in King's Quest III Redux

Egg id: 381

Look behind the tapestry on the wall next to Gwydion's room to find a reference to King's Quest IV.

TAGSKing's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella

Egg id: 382

Talk to Manannan's portrait in the entrance hall and it will talk back (works only once).

Also, when Manannan has been turned into a cat, the portrait will be plain black. Talking to it then will give you a "meow" in response.

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Egg id: 383

Go left in the desert and you may see a saurus chased by Jackalmen. This is a clear reference to Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire, which was also remade by AGD Interactive and released in 2008.

TAGSQuest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

Egg id: 384

In the Daventry mountains, notice the owl in the tree. That is of course a cameo of Cedric from King's Quest 5.

TAGSKing's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

Egg id: 385

Start a new game with the computer clock on December 25 and at one point Santa will fall through the kitchen chimney as you leave.

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