King's Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember


King's Quest is an episodic video game series and new re-imagining of the classic King's Quest series. The story is presented as the elderly King Graham shares his adventures with his granddaughter Gwendolyn. The entire game is divided in 5 Chapters and one Epilogue. In the five chapters, you play as Graham, living through his life events from a young boy to an elderly king.

Chapter 1: A Knight To Remember, is a prelude to King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown. You play as the young Graham who arrives in Daventry, hoping to win the annual Knight tournament to become the new knight at King Edward's court. It doesn't start well as you get separated from your steed and arrive late for the Knight Hopefuls Parade and Chivalry Test. The other Knight Hopefuls also all appear physically superior in one way or another, except for the smallest contestant, Manny, who proposes an alliance with Graham to beat the other contestants. In the first round, Graham needs to bring the eye of a hideous beast, the second and third round are duels of strength and speed and the final round is a duel of wits.

Throughout his adventure, Graham can chose one or a combination of three different paths: the path of Bravery, Compassion and Wisdom. Depending on your choices, Graham's character develops and other characters will judge Graham in different ways throughout the entire adventure. In addition your choices also reflect on granddaughter Gwendolyn's character development.

While participating in the tournament, Graham befriends the local villagers, each of which represent on the paths: Amaya the blacksmith represents bravery, Wente the baker represents compassion, and pharmacists Chester and Muriel Hobblepot represent wisdom. Each of them also have addition tasks for Graham, such as keeping the town clear of Wedzelwolves, collecting ingredients for a pie, and helping to complete a teeth whitening potion.

But those are from from the only inhabitants of Daventry and its surroundings. Bridge trolls help connect the many crossings outside town, but they are currently on strike, protesting the audacity of the royal guards marching across their backs with their pointy shoes. Graham will need to befriend them and find a compromise if he wants to win the Knight's tournament. The fast-talking Merchant of Miracles is another strange character who, although he's a snake oil salesman, is crucial for Graham to complete his quest. Also hiding in the mountains and forests are the vicious Rock Goblins, the three-clawed Snarling Snarlax. And then of course there's the fierce dragon, locked in the caves underneath the water well...

The game uses a very simple interface, where you control the character and his actions with a minimum number of keys, to move the character around, control his actions or select inventory items. It also features a small number of simple arcade sequences, such as a sequence to escape the dragon, the Duel of Speed, shooting Rock Goblins with a bow, and the final melee battle. When talking with others characters, you get to choose between a number of responses, each of which result in different responses and sometimes further consequences down the road. the game is mainly narrated by old King Graham, voiced by Christopher Lloyd of Back To The Future and The Adam's Family fame.

King's Quest: A Knight to Remember was first officially announced at Game Awards Show on December 5, 2014. Right after Sierra founders Ken and Roberta Williams (who created the King's Quest series) had received the Industry Icon Award, lead designer Matt Korba of the Odd Gentlemen joined them on stage, introduced the new King's Quest, and showed its Reveal Trailer. It wasn't entirely unexpected because four months earlier Activision announced the revival of Sierra Games, The Odd Gentlemen had already shown off some concept art and Ken and Roberta had visited their studio to preview the game under development.

The game was first released for the PC as digital download on July 28, 2015, also for the PlayStation 3 as digital download. It was later also released in physical format for the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and XBox One, although the physical releases were for the entire King's Quest collection, not for single chapters. Chapter 2: Rubble Without A Cause, was released on December 15, 2015.

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