Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (VGA)

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (VGA)

Egg id: 459

Use the taste icon on the stalactite at the entrance of the underground cave in Kerona. It will say:
- "You can't reaqch any of them without the ladder."
- "What do you mean, you don't have the ladder?"
- "Oh sorry! We don't let you have one of those until Space Quest II."
- "Did I mention that Space Quest III was the Software Publisher's Association Award-winning best adventure Game for 1989?"

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Egg id: 460

In the archive room on the Arcada, type the code for Binary Systems into the computer and it will respond with "Ken took that home home. That means we'll never get it back, so don't bother checking back later." This is a reference to Ken Williams.

TAGSKen Williams

Egg id: 461

Other references:
- In the Kerona engine room, use the hand icon on the upper railing for a reference to make basketball player Michael Jordan.
- In Rocket Bar there are performances on stage by ZZ Top, Madonna and the Blues Brothers. ZZ Top only appears in the first release of the game and has been replaced with tiny aliens following a complaint from the band, but can be easily retrieved in later versions as the resource files are still present.

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Egg id: 462

After escaping the Arcada, press the middle button of the pod to crash land in Conquests of the Longbow, but save the game first.

TAGSConquests of the Longbow: Legend of Robin Hood

Egg id: 463

Game designers Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe make an appearance as the Guys from Andromeda during the acid pool and laser fence death sequences in the Kerona cave.

TAGSScott Murphy, Mark Crowe

Easter Eggs referring to Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (VGA)

Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (Egg id: 456)

Programmer Bob Andrews added the room known as "the room removed for legal reasons". It was... well... removed for legal reasons, but is still in the resource files of the CD-ROM release. According to Bob, you accessed this room by typing in Sierra's phone number and Scott's extension into the time pod's keyboard. It could be accessed by typing the following 3 codes in the time pod. Make sure to save the game before trying this because, once in the room, you can't leave it any more.

The room itself is taken from King's Quest 6 (the secret passage Alexander accesses to find Cassima). Only the staircase and frontal brickwork have been removed.

From left to right, the items removed for legal reasons are: - Slug Chow: A parody of the Ralston Purina Company's Dog and Puppy Chow. This was likely considered questionable because Purina owned Everready Battery Company. Sierra had already drawn the legal ire of the company due to the Energizer Bunny Mishap. The death scene by the sewer blob and the sea slug, showing this "slime chow", was replaced in the CD version with an alternate image.
- Hero's Quest was the original title for the Quest For Glory series, but was later changed because of copyright issues involving the "Hero's Quest" board game.
- The two long bearded men are from the music group ZZ-Top. Originally appearing in the Rocket Bar in the VGA version of Space Quest 1, they were removed after a lawsuit against Sierra for using their likenesses without permission.
- The dinosaur on the wall is the character Earl Sinclair from the Disney produced television series, Dinosaurs. He appeared in the VGA remake of the first Quest for Glory game.
- The Radio Shock sign was removed from the Galaxy Galleria in Space Quest 4 and replaced with Hz. So Good in the CD release, due to its similarity to electronics supply story chain, Radio Shack.
- The Droids R Us sign from the original EGA version of Space Quest 1. Later versions of the game had the name changed to Droids B Us due to liability issues of the name's similarities to the toy store chain Toys R Us.