Leisure Suit Larry II: Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places)


Who else but Larry could win the lottery, a dream date on the "Dating Connection" and a dream cruise on the U.S.S. Love Tub? Yes, Larry really gets "lucky" this time. But wait! Behind this beach blanket of fun and frivolity lies a ballyhoo of espionage and intrigue! With foreign agents, the Hairy Krishnas, and Dr. Nonookee and the Hechettes on his tail, Larry's good fortune could vanish quicker than his hairline! Can Larry find happiness as a multi-millionaire traveling through resorts and vacation hot-spots? Will the spies get their hands on Larry's onklunk? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you and Leisure Suit Larry go "Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places)".

Unlike Leisure Suit Larry 1, the game follows a linear story progression similar to Sierra's other adventure games. The player character's movements now can also be controlled via the mouse, although a text parser is still used for all other actions. Though there is no visible time limit, a number of pre-scripted events require players to act quickly in order to reach the next sequence. As is standard in most Leisure Suit Larry games, Larry's interactions with female NPCs are accompanied by a on-screen portrait. The game actively punishes Larry for flirting with any woman he meets, a marked departure from the rest of the series as Sierra intentionally toned down the character's sexual escapades for this sequel. For this reason, the game did not include an age-verification test, although brief instances of pixellated nudity still occur at certain points. This lack of Leisure Suit Larry's trademark humor was an oft-cited criticism of the game and the series returned to its original formula in all later games.

The first sequel of the series, created by Al Lowe, used the new engine by Sierra called Sierra's Creative Interpreter (SCI), with 16 colors and MIDI sound. In addition to sharing the SCI0 engine, the game parallels the King's Quest series in its realistic art style, particularly in regard to Larry's character portrait and the number of diverse settings.

Among the many women Larry meets over the course of the game is Rosella of Daventry, the protagonist of King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, an example of Sierra's many cross-promotions. One of the game's final scenes includes a piano-playing "Polyester Patty", who features prominently in Leisure Suit Larry 3 and Leisure Suit Larry 5 under the name "Passionate Patti". Patti is blond in this incarnation, whereas future games depict her as dark-haired.

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