King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Tech support

Original game requirements:

- MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 3.0 or greater
- 386 minimum
- 2x CD-ROM
- 16 MB RAM
- 1 MB Hard drive space
- VGA 256 colors
- SoundBlaster or compatible sound card
- Microsoft-compatible mouse

Swamp Lockup

The game locks-up at the swamp after Stick-in-the-Mud and Rotten Tomato throw the swamp ooze on Bump-on-a-Log. After installing the updated AUDBLAST.DRV (sb16drv.exe) sound driver from Sierra for the MS-DOS version. Set voice options to no audio card. A sound is supposed to be played after the scene. If you have your install options set to an audio card which isn't supported by your machine, the game locks-up.

Can't get Hole-in-the-Wall

After Alexander plays the flute, and the wallflowers continue dancing, they protect Hole-in-the-Wall the moment Alexander tries to reach for it. This is not a technical issue. Try several times. It should work eventually. Save and restore the game if necessary.

Running King's Quest VI on modern systems

King's Quest VI runs perfectly fine under DOSBox. For those unfamiliar with DOSBox, you can use this automatic installer from Sierra Help.