Conquests of the Longbow: Legend of Robin Hood


As King Richard returns to England after the Third Crusade, riding through the night disguised as a merchant, he is assaulted and captured by the servants of King Leopold of Austria. The greedy Leopold demands a ransom of a hundred thousand golden marks for the release of Richard, or else he would forever remain imprisoned. Unfortunately for King Richard, his brother Prince John has his own eyes on the English throne, and conspires with the Sheriff and Abbott of Nottingham against the queen to prevent the ransom to ever being paid. Now only Robin Hood, the most wanted outlaw of entire England is the only hope for the king to ever be released.

You are Robin Hood, loyal to the king, generous to the poor and unfortunate, and thorn in the side of the rich and corrupt who pray upon harmless people to gain even more power. Can you, along with your men - Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan the troubadour, Will the archer and Much - disrupt the Prince's plan, seize the stolen treasure and return it to the queen to buy the true king of England free from his imprisonment in Europe? And will Robin win the heart of the mysterious Marian, forest priestess and servant of the king? Both are wanted and the traitors to the kingdom have spies everywhere. Your wits, reflexes and decisions as the leader of the outlaws will tell what kind of leader you truly are, how much ransom you can collect, how many of your men survive the tasks at hand and if you will go as a free man or hang as an outlaw.

Conquests of the Longbow, designed and directed by Christy Marx is the second and last game of the Conquests series, even though the story is unrelated to its predecessor Conquests of Camelot. Like Camelot, the game is a combination of mostly adventure with some arcade sequences, such as a battle with the quarterstaff and an archery contest. Christy Marx, who adores the medieval time period, did months of research, consulting the historical library of Nottingham, along with myths and legends of the time, and mixed it with her own story elements to create this rich plot of heroism, loyalty and love. Conquests of the Longbow was made both with VGA and EGA graphics and was released in late 1991 for DOS, and in 1992 for the Amiga.

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