King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown (SCI)


Opening menu

After the title screen appears, the game's opening menu will appear.

Click Introduction to see the opening movie where Sir Graham meets King Edward who gives him the task to retrieve the three stolen treasures from Daventry.

Click Begin Game to start a new game from the beginning. This will skip the opening sequence.

click Credits to see the list of people who all worked on King's Quest: Quest for the Crown.

Click Continue Game to restore a saved game and proceed the game where you last left off.

Game menu

While in the game, press to access the game menu on the top of the game screen.

Sierra logo

Select About KQ1 or press CTRL-A in the game, to see the version of the game and the game credits.
Select Help or press F1 in the game, to receive some game play tips.


Select Save game or press F5 in the game, to save the game. You have multiple save slots and can type a name for the position, or cancel and return to the game without saving.
Select Restore game or press F7 in the game, to restore a saved game. Simply select one of the saved positions and select "restore" or cancel and return to the game you were playing.
Select Restart game or press F9 in the game, to restart the game from the very beginning. You will be asked to confirm.
Select Quit or press CTRL-Q to quit the game. Make sure to save your progress before doing so. You will be asked to confirm to quit the game.


Select Duck or press F4 to make Graham drop to the ground.
Select Jump or press F6 to make Graham jump. This comes in handy when Graham tries to catch a Condor which flies by.
Select Pause game or press CTRL-P to pause the game. You can also simply pause the game by pressing ESC and accessing the game menu.
Select Inventory or press CTRL-I or TAB to view a list of Graham's inventory items and scroll through the items to view them in detail.
Select Retype or press F3 or to retype the last command used in the game. For example if you want to pick up a broom ("GET BROOM") but the broom is out of reach, then simply move closer to the broom and press F3 to instantly retype the command without having to type it again in the command box.


Select Change or press CTRL-S to insert the speed in a box (a number between 1 and 16).
Select Faster or press + to increase speed by one step
Select Slower or press - to decrease speed by one step.
Select Normalor press = to select the normal game speed


Select Volume or press CTRL-V to set the game volume.
Select Turn off/on or press F2 to disable or enable the sound.

Controlling the character

You may move the character on the screen with arrow keys, the numeric keypad, or by clicking the left mouse button. To halt your character's steps with the keypad, press number 5, or press the last used direction key again. Do not hold the direction key.

You can generally interact with the game by typing simple commands consisting of as little as a noun and a verb. For instance, the command "get the carrot from the ground" can be shortened to "get carrot". Unless otherwise instructed, follow all commands with ENTER. The game will understand many common verbs, such as look, get, read, load, pry, climb, push, play, tell, use, ask, give, take and so on. You can repeat a command by pressing [F3].

And finally...

It can be handy to take notes as you discover clues and information. It may also be useful to draw a map. Remember which events happened at what time. Make sure to look everywhere and pick up everything, and go back to places you have previously visited as things change over time. And finally: SAVE YOUR GAME OFTEN. There are many ways one can die in Daventry.