3-D Ultra Pinball 5: Thrillride


To activate the cheats, pause game play, then type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code Effect
!imabozo Extended "Shoot Again" timer for practice
!spills Thrill Ride event
!afterdark Nighttime Fantasy event
!fwerk Fireworks during Nighttime Fantasy event
!oxenfree Hide And Seek event
!moo Hershey's Cow during next Hide And Seek event
!edison Lights Out event
!gotmilk Chocolate milk waterfall on the main table
!opensesame Thrill-Zone Gate opens
!tony Great Bear Ride
!zerog Lightning Racer ride catches some air
!sssss SideWinder ride
!imdizzy Sooper-Dooper-Looper ride
!moon Tidal Force ride
!smooch Kissing Tower
!ngrind Bumper Cars
!flywithme Flying Falcon
!ifubuildit Lightning Racer Virtual Coaster Table
!coolit Canyon River Rafting Table
!titanic All rocks sink in the River Rafting table
!1942 Midway Frenzy
!enjoy Light Fun Zone (if possible)
!more Light Extra Ball
!plus1 Advance bonus multiplier by 1
!holdit Hold bonus multiplier
!tplives Extra ball
!gimme Random Snack and Gift Bonus
!pin Light random Pinwheel light
!bender Reset kickbacks
!go Trigger autoplay
!lockrc Lock a ball for Roller-Coaster Multiball
!locklf Lock a ball for Log-Flume Multiball