Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter

Easter eggs

- In early versions of the game, type "ken" on the first screen of the game. Ken Williams will appear, complaining how the game was behind schedule. This has been eliminated in later versions.

- When you press the "don't touch" button in the escape pod, you'll wind up in King's Quest 1.

- When you talk to one of the guards at the Deltaur, he will eventually ask you if you've played King's Quest II (which gets you points). The player also asks him if he played King's Quest 3, which he confirms to have bought for 128,000 buckazoids. The guard also names his favorite massacre: "The Daventry Rout".

- If you type in "scott" or "scott murphy", Scott Murphy will ask you to drop him a line at Sierra On-Line and tell him if you liked the game.

- Walk behind Droids-B-Us and type "take leak". You get one of three messages ("You beam with pride having just written your name in the sand.", "You leave a moist arch on the building's side." or "Drat! You could have done without that sudden gust of wind."). You can also find 5 hidden buckazoids.

- The Blues Brothers (playing "Can't Turn You Loose") and ZZ-top (playing "Sharp Dressed Man" from their 1983 album "Eliminator") appear in the bar at Ulence Flats. In the VGA remake also Madonna appears.

- Droids-B-Us is a parody of Toys-R-Us, a real corporation which sued Sierra for the use of their name. Sierra won the lawsuit, but had to change the original Droids-R-Us to Droids-B-Us. The name was also changed on the coupon inside the game box in later versions.

- More of a cheat than an Easter egg. At the slot machine, type "HOLY ****" and you will get the option to select the outcome of the game. This works only in version 2.2.

- When starting Space Quest 1, you are asked to enter your name. If you don't enter a name your name will automatically be "Roger Wilco". Many people think this name was introduced in Space Quest 3, but that is obviously not true.