Incredible Machine (The): Add On Disk


Colby - Mort's favorite!
Dirt wall
A lot like the brick wall. Things roll slower on this stuff and don't bounce as high.
Once it's hit, it moves in a straight line until it smacks another object or goes off the screen.
Ernie Alligator
Eats Mels and Morts. He flips objects with both his snout and tail.
Mel Schlemming
The surname obviously refers to "lemming". He keeps on going and going... If he falls too far, he dies! Ernie Alligator loves munching Mels.
Mel's House
Mel's main goal is to make it home safely.
It pops balloons and can be used to support Mels too!
Pinball Bumper
Objects bounce off this thing in all different directions.
Super ball
When it falls and hits something, it's anyone's guess where it will bounce. It gains more velocity with each bounce.
Light a candle under it and use the steam to push things up.
Plug it in and it sucks up just about anything.