The object of sabotage is to score as many points as possible before the enemy destroys your gun emplacement. Your gun may be destroyed in three different ways:
- four paratroopers land on either side of the turret, make a human ladder to climb the turret and destroy it.
- a paratrooper lands directly on the turret
- a hit by an enemy bomb.

The gun may be controlled with a paddle or the keyboard. With the keyboard, use the 'D' and 'F' keys to move the turret counterclockwise or clockwise, and any other key to fire a shell. Firing a shell costs one point. You can fire multiple shells simultaneously. In the beginning of the game, you can chose to use steerable shells. Steerable shells are also controlled with the 'D' and 'F' keys. When your score, displayed on the turret, reaches zero, you can continue firing - you have unlimited ammo.

Targets give the following points:
- paratrooper: 2 points
- helicopter: 5 points
- jet: 5 points
- bomb: 25 points

Also note that when the body of a killed paratrooper falls on top of landed paratrooper, the landed paratrooper will die also, so it IS possible to reduce the number of landed paratroopers. Also, the debris of an exploding helicopter or jet may hit other nearby enemies and take them out also.

Good luck!