King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella

Easter eggs

"BEAM ME" and "RAP KQ" (AGI version only)

After defeating Lolotte, go to the corridor with the door to the prison cell and type "beam me". Rosella will beam to a spaceship where the KQ4 programmers are. You can look at them and talk to them.

Also go back into your prison cell and type "rap kq" near the center of the room. Note: In the SCI version it is not possible to re-enter the prison cell.

You're a pirate! (AGI version only)

In the AGI version, upon starting the game, if you enter debug mode (Alt+D) and press Enter twice you will get a command prompt. At the prompt type "pirate" and press Enter and you will see the following picture on a jolly pirate tune:

Larry reference

Type in a swear word (Such as the 'F' word) and the game will mention Leisure Suit Larry.

Sierra game references

While in the whale's mouth, take the bottle, get the note and read it to get a reference to various Sierra games such as "SOS! I see a beautiful mermaid in KING'S QUEST II but she won't help me! Tell me what to do!" or the one shown below.