Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out

Easter eggs

Keep using the hand icon on Cav's blouse until she allows you to have a peek.

While on the toilet, let Larry check out the hotel brochure. Then make him use the handcreme on himself. He'll start masturbating, not realizing that more and more people are watching him. This is also a death scene but, as usual, you don't need a restore game to go back to the previous point.

Use the hand icon on the slightly lighter tile near the middle shower head of the men's showers to peek into the women's shower. This will also give you 1 point.

Click on the record player in the aerobics class when Cavaricchi is not there, to pick and listen to any song of the Leisure Suit Larry 6 sound track.

Dial the following numbers on Larry's phone in his hotel room:
- 911
- 976, followed by 4 random numbers (eg. 976 1234) to access La Costa Lotta's sex line.