Mickey's Space Adventure


Object of the game

On Oron, a planet in the neighboring Alpha Centauri stellar system, an arch-criminal crept into the Hall of Records. He stole only one thing: the precious memory crystal that recorded the entire history of the planet Oron. He fled to the far edge of the stellar system, where he called back to the planet Oron to state his demand. He wanted to be proclaimed ruler of Oron and, if his wish was not granted, he would break the crystal in small pieces. The officials of Oron did not give in, so the criminal broke the crystal and ejected the pieces from his spaceship. They later captured the thief and tracked the pieces in their neighboring solar system. It would take too long for an Oronion to travel there, so they built a computer-controlled spaceship and sent it to earth, where they hoped an intelligent creature would aid in the recovery of the crystal.

The spaceship landed in the hills near Mickey's home. Exploring with Mickey and Pluto, discover the ship. Find the first crystal on earth, then fly the spaceship to other planets and moons in our solar system, searching for the other crystals.

How to play

Remember that the crystal pieces must be found in a certain order. The ship's computer will give you hints. It is up to you and Mickey to follow the clues as you pilot the spacecraft. The homing device for the crystal only works when you land on the planet where the next crystal piece is to be found. If you land on any other planet, you won't find anything there.

Create two-word commands by choosing words from the screen, one word from each line, usually being a verb and a noun or direction. Put them together to form commands such as "GO NORTH", "LOOK CRYSTAL" or "GET FOOD". Use the "LOOK" command often to learn more about something of interest or to investigate situations which may not be clear to you.

As you explore, you will come across different things that may help you. You should take them along on your journey. Also, to keep from getting lost, draw maps showing where you've been. Indicate objects found and landmarks you see along the way. Try every direction, or you may miss an important clue or a necessary tool! Caution: watch the air supply.The computer will let you know when it's getting low. To replenish it, return to the spaceship and remove the spacesuit.

Control keys

- Use the spacebar or arrow keys to move through the word options and press ENTER to select the words you want to pick. If you want to change your first word, press ESCAPE to return to the first line.
- Press C to see a list of your inventory
- Press S to toggle sound on or off.
- Press B to back up and re-read a description of the scene you are viewing.

Saving and restoring a game

You can save the game by going to the central room of the spaceship and command "SAVE GAME". Insert a disk in drive A and the game will save as you go through the steps. You can pick from 10 saving slots. To cancel the saving process, simply press ESCAPE to return to the game.

When you start the game again later, it will prompt you to start a new game or continue an old one.