Talking about the Beast: interview with Jane Jensen, Dean Erickson, Peter Lucas and Will Binder

News ID: 375
Date: 2012-05-15
Source: Sierra Chest

Pinkerton Road interview (05/15/2012)

At the end of her Kickstarter project to set up her and Robert Holmes' new game studio, Pinkerton Road, Jane Jensen had arranged a special surprise for the fans: a skype interview with herself and people from the Gabriel Knight 2: Beast Within crew: Bill Binder (movie director), Dean Erickson (Gabriel Knight actor) and Peter Lucas (Baron von Glower actor). The behind-the-scenes pictures of GK2 were provided by Bill Crow.

GAMES: Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within
PEOPLE: Jane Jensen Holmes, Will Binder, Dean Erickson, Peter J. Lucas, Bill Crow
DEVELOPERS: Pinkerton Road Studio