Red Baron kickstarter!

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Date: 2013-10-22
Source: Sierra Chest

Red Baron is back! The best dogfighting game of all time returns from Damon Slye, the original creator of the Red Baron franchise.

Briefly, Red Baron is:

- Dogfighting: Aerial combat at its best. Take to the skies in fighter aircraft like the Sopwith Camel and Fokker Triplane.

- Persistent Multiplayer Game World: Jump in anytime for a challenging mission with or against your friends. There will be both historical and MOBA-style maps.

- Single Player: Enlist for the full tour in campaign play with more than 30 missions played back to back from 1915 to 1918. Single player will be offline and DRM-free.

- Easy to Learn: Red Baron will have a simple learning curve, allowing you to jump in and play within minutes and feel the rush of aerial combat.

- Constant Progression: Advance your pilot to gain new and better aircraft, customize with new paint and decals, and earn upgrades.

- No Subscriptions, No Pay to Win

See the Kickstarter here.

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