Tilted Mill announces Medieval Mayor

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Date: 2012-10-20
Source: Sierra Chest

In 2001, after heading up Impressions Software for a number of years, Chris Beatrice, Jeff Fiske and Peter Haffenreffer left Impressions (a 1995 acquisition of Sierra's) to start Tilted Mill Entertainment. They were later joined by other members of the Impressions team. Their first game continued the city building tradition with the ground breaking Children of the Nile. Later, they developed Caesar IV for Vivendi and Sim City Societies for EA, before branching out with Hinterland and Mosby's Confederacy. After a period of relative quiet, they have just announced: Medieval Mayor, a new city building game set in the Middle Ages.

Many of you will fondly recall the City Building line with Caesar, followed by the seminal Pharaoh, one of the best selling city building games of all times, then Zeus and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. In addition, during their Impressions days they released titles in the Lords of the Realm, Lords of Magic, Civil War Generals and other series.

According to Chris Beatrice, President of Tilted Mill and lead designer, Medieval Mayor begins in the dark ages where you establish, build and govern a city by planning and laying out road networks, building housing, attracting immigrants and advancing education, culture, commerce, science and the arts, while also providing for the health and prosperity of your citizens. As your city continues to grow, so do the challenges of managing it. "Will your city become a beacon of hope and light to the known world, or will it fall back into darkness?"

In describing why they are back into development Chris said, "We wanted to bring the thrill of real time, strategic city-building to a new audience, while also giving our core fans a game they'll really love; it's a genre we know really well and we know we can do a great job."

Easy to learn, difficult to master and almost infinite replayability has been the hallmark of Tilted Mill (and Impressions) games. Medieval Mayor will represent the best the city-building genre has to offer. They are shooting for sometime in 2013 as a "ready to download" date for PC and tablet. You can visit the official Medieval Mayor site here, or join the Medieval Mayor forums here.

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