Sierra Chest 4th Anniversary!

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Date: 2012-10-11
Source: Sierra Chest

So, what has the Sierra Chest been up to? Exactly a year ago, thanks to the Sierra Chest programmer, Britton Mathews (this guy is a programming magician, let me tell you!), the Sierra Chest Music Player was launched. Today, well over one thousand songs are in it with many many more to come. Also the Sierra Memorabilia page was launched, a page purely dedicated to everything produced by Sierra which doesn't come in a game box: t-shirts, posters, mugs, mouse pads, even unique props used during game production! Sierra fans and alumni alike uploaded many images and it lead to the launch of the Facebook page. Though it turned into an overall Sierra page, pictures of memorabilia are still and always most welcome to further update the database (you can also upload them directly on the site). And of course tons more games have been inserted into detail but, instead of listing them all here, lets have a look at the video below to see which games have been inserted in detail over the past 4 years ;-).

That's a LOT of games, but not quite enough I'm afraid :-). Though I should be cautious about predicting the games which will be featured next in the Chest (since I sometimes tend to grab a completely different one depending on my gaming mood), these are some of the games I really feel should be be inserted in the very near future:

- Quest for Glory, starting with the first 2 games of the series
- Nascar Racing: no racing game yet, so it's about time to start covering the famous series from Papyrus Racing.
- Caesar III: Caesar II is nearly completed, but Caesar III marked a whole new era of the citybuilding series by Impressions
- Space Quest IV: delayed for far too long
- Police Quest III: the final Police Quest game by Jim Walls
- Red Baron: because none of the Aces games by Dynamix have been inserted yet. Also very much needed.

There will be plenty more, these are just the top of the list.

And we have a little surprise for you! Last year the Sierra Chest released its first CD, a compilation of legendary Sierra songs. This year I took it a bit further. Yes, volume 2 BUT, not just volume 2, my friends. First off, I wanted the CD art to be entirely authentic, created from scratch by an artist. This artist is Rodrigo Martin Campo. Check out his amazing work!

And yep, four exclusive tracks on this CD! Check out the track list!

A very big thank you to Robert Holmes, Steven Alexander (Infamous Quests), and Cesar Bittar (Phoenix Online Studios) for these bonus tracks on the CD. I would also like to thank Collector (SierraHelp) and Sven Groot for some of the other tracks on the CD!

You can see the entire track list also below and you can download the whole CD with the artwork from here.

And last but not least, I would like to thank you all for being such a great support to the Sierra Chest ad for continuing to visit this web site. Thank you and keep an eye out - this is only the beginning!


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