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Date: 2012-07-29
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You're about to meet a little ghost named Spooky who lives in the attic of a seemingly normal suburban family home. Spooky tries with all his energetic might to scare the family, but they don't seem to notice.

Spooky is your personal typing coach. He'll show you where each letter is located on your keyboard and will tell you where to place your fingers. While you learn to type, you'll meet the family. You'll see Tammy on the phone most of the time and Timmy sitting on the dining room table. Dad is always watching TV and Mom is in the kitchen arranging flowers. You'll also meet Woody, the cat, who usually stays in the closet and peers out at the world. While you get to know the family, you'll learn to improve your typing skills, and the faster you type the more haunted the house becomes.

You can go to the library from the attic at any time to practice your typing skills while reading classic stories like "Cinderella" and "Rumplestiltskin." To type some one-of-a-kind stories, venture into the encyclopedia set. Just click on the encyclopedia that has the letter you want to practice and a story will appear for you to type. Be careful, because these stories are real finger-twisters!

No matter what game room you are in, Spooky will try hard to scare the family by turning on the blender, lifting the TV into thin air, and doing other unnatural things. The faster you can type, the scarier it becomes.

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