Guys from Andromeda Kickstarter successful

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Date: 2012-06-12
Source: Sierra Chest

You did it! With less than a week from the month-long Kickstarter to go and still some $200,000 (40%) short, things looked pretty grim for the Guys of Andromeda. But then the fans pulled off an amazing comeback, hitting the $500,000 target on Monday, June 11, with still 20 hours to go. the Kickstarter ended on Tuesday with a magnificent total of $539,767, pledged by 10,809 fans!

The last week the development team also broadcasted some amazing interviews, including with Sierra On-Line founder Ken Williams and voice actor Gary Owens, the narrator of the Space Quest series who will also be narrating SpaceVenture! They also introduced a new character, Cluck Y'Egger and the game's protagonist, Ace Hardway.

Other special actions which contributed to the Kickstarter were the sale of the original handpainted box cover art of Space Quest 4 by Sierra alumn Cindy Vanous. This eBay auction went for a whopping $2,655.42, which was added to the pledges. Also the Sierra Chest did a special promo by giving away three ultra-rare Sierra collectibles from its collection, which would be given to three lucky pledgers through a raffle.

Also, since the Kickstarter has ended, the Guys from Andromeda have made it possible to still pledge through Paypal. You can find the Paypal donation page on their site.

Finally, today (June 13) at 6pm PST / 9pm EST, there will be a live wrap party. the link has not been provided yet, but we guess it will be on the same place as the live interviews they had here. If not, then please consult their website or Facebook page for the latest updates prior to the party.

That about wraps it up for the Sierra Chest on this project. Now we just have to send out those free games (winners will probably be announced during the party) and then we'll eagerly wait for SpaceVenture's release!

Enjoy the party, folks!

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