Final days of the Guys from Andromeda Kickstarter!

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Date: 2012-06-04
Source: Sierra Chest

Hey Sierra fans,

As you are probably all aware for some time now, the creators of the legendary Space Quest series, Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, also known as the Guys from Andromeda, have reunited, a whopping two decades after their last Sierra project together, which was Space Quest 4. After setting things straight between themselves (see video below), they could no longer resist the irresistable urge of working together once again. A dream coming true for both of them as well as the countless Space Quest and Sierra fans!

Of course, since the intellectual property of Space Quest is still in the hands of Activision-Blizzard, Mark and Scott will create an entirely new game, titled "Two Guy's SpaceVenture". The game will of course live up to today's gaming standards with high-quality graphics, sound and voice-overs, the same theme, whacky aliens, strange worlds, the two guy's unique sense of humor, so everything but a new protagonist and other removed ties with the original Space Quest series. Not that the lack of Roger Wilco is of any importance to us, what matters is that the two guys are combining their efforts once again to provide what we've been waiting for for 20 years!

Of course, developing a game like this costs a lot of buckazoids, so they launched their Kickstarter about a month ago, hoping that we, the fans, can succesfully raise $500,000 to get it all started. Now, we know that we've had several Kickstarters already and many of you may have already spent a lot on the launch of Replay Games' Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded ($500K successfull Kickstarter) and Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road ($300K successful kickstarter), but we're going to ask you for this one final push to also make this Kickstarter a success. Time is running out (at the point of writing this, there are only 7 days left) and, while they just crossed the $300,000 mark, still a bit less than $200,000 needs to be raised in those few days to make it happen! The Kickstarter ends on June 12.

So, think about it, guys, this may very well be the only shot we have to see Mark And Scott work together again on a game we've been waiting for all these years! WE CAN DO THIS!

Rudy Marchant, Sierra Chest creator

Yes, also Ken and Roberta Williams, founders of Sierra On-Line, support this project!

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