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Date: 2012-05-19
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On Oron, a planet in the neighboring Alpha Centauri stellar system, an arch-criminal crept into the Hall of Records. He stole only one thing: the precious memory crystal that recorded the entire history of the planet Oron. He fled to the far edge of the stellar system, where he called back to the planet Oron to state his demand. He wanted to be proclaimed ruler of Oron and, if his wish was not granted, he would break the crystal in small pieces. The officials of Oron did not give in, so the criminal broke the crystal and ejected the pieces from his spaceship. They later captured the thief and tracked the pieces in their neighboring solar system. It would take too long for an Oronion to travel there, so they built a computer-controlled spaceship and sent it to earth, where they hoped an intelligent creature would aid in the recovery of the crystal. It landed in the hills near Mickey's home. Will he and Pluto figure out the spaceship navigation system and be courageous enough to travel to the other planets?

Mickey's Space Adventure, designed by Roberta Williams and recommended for ages 8 and up, reinforces reading comprehension, problem solving, logical thinking and mapping skills. In addition, it teaches interesting facts and concepts about our solar system. Your child will learn the names of the planets, their order from the sun, the concepts of planet rotation and revolution around the sun and the characteristics of many of the planets and moons.

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