Pinkerton Road Kickstarter approaching its deadline!

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Date: 2012-05-18
Source: Sierra Chest

The new game studio of Jane Jensen, creator of the Gabriel Knight series, and husband and composer Robert Holmes is already bound to happen. YES! They have reached the $300,000 target of the kickstarter to get their brand new studio, Pinkerton Road, going and have even pledged to make not one, but TWO, games the coming year. The first game will be Moebius, a game in the style of Gabriel Knight where you will investigate a series of events around the globe and undercover some startling truths about the nature of life and time. But, the Kickstarter has not ended yet! As we're writing this we still have a little over a day, to push the Pinkerton Road Kickstarter budget a bit further and give it a real headstart to the path of success. Plenty of prizes if you participate which will no longer be available afterwards, so here is your final opportunity!

Also, Jane surprized her fans with a unique audio interview. Fans of Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within and Jane Jensen's work in general will love this one. Dean Erickson (Gabriel Knight), Peter Lukas (Baron Von Glower) and Will Binder (movie director) with Jane as the moderator of the interview about Gabriel Knight 2! Below is the first part of the video. the other 3 parts can be seen here.

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