Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood is inserted in the Chest

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Date: 2012-05-06
Source: Sierra Chest

Early this morning a blustery wind shook the Hundred Acre Wood. It picked things up and blew them far away from their owners' houses. Your job is to find the lost objects and return them to their owners. But hurry, because soon the blustery wind may come back and scatter the objects again. Find all 10 items and their respective owners of the Winnie the Pooh universe. The all-wise owl knows a little bit about every inhabitant of the wood and may help you in your task. Beware of the bouncy Tigger and the mist though, because you could end up in a completely different part of the vast Hundred Acre Wood, empty-handed! When all objects have been returned to the right place or right owner, you will be the hero and Winnie and his friends will throw a party for you!

Winnie the Pooh, designed by Al Lowe, using the engine of his earlier game Troll's Tale, is one of the games Sierra made in collaboration with Disney during the mid eighties. Disney shared artwork from their Pooh movies which the Sierra artists used to come up with the background art and Al used as inspiration for the locations and puzzles. The game is an educational game for children ages 7 and above, teaching them reading skills, reasoning skills and map-reading skills. A physical map of the Hundred Acre Wood is included in the game box.

See the game here.

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