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The Best of Sierra series is a German bi-monthly magazine, including usually one or two full games, demos and news on the latest Sierra releases in Germany. The first Best of Sierra contained Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers and Earthsiege. The series continued until the end of 2000 with the final release being Best of Sierra Nr.21, containing King's Quest: Maske der Ewigkeit (King's Quest: Mask of Eternity).


The magazines were sold in newspaper outlets throughout Germany (for 14.90 Marks), Austria (for 112 Schillings) and Switzerland (for 14.90 Swiss Francs). 120,000 copies of issue 1 were printed, followed by 150,000 for issue 2 and 140,000 for issue 3. From issue 4 on, the quantity remained fixed at 120,000 copies until the summer of 1999. From issue 13 on (July-August 1999), the number was reduced to 80,000 copies each. As of issue 19 (July-August 2000), the number was again reduced to 50,000 copies each and the price was reduced by a third to 9.95 Marks, 9.90 Swiss Francs, 80 Schillings, or 243 Luxembourg Francs (as the series had also become available in Luxembourg).

Each issue contained one or two loose CD-ROMs. One of the pages of the magazine however had a cutout for both the front and back cover for a jewelcase, so buyers could make one themselves.

Making of

It was published by Sierra's headquarters in Germany, located in Robert Bosch Strasse 32, D-63303 Dreieich. Since the magazines were released during Sierra's turbulent times in the late nineties, the name of the publisher went through many changes, although the headquarters and people behind the publication remained mostly the same.

Best of Sierra was first published by Sierra Coktel Deutschland Gmbh, the original name of Sierra's headquarters in Germany. CUC acquired Sierra on July 24 1996 and, from Best of Sierra Nr. 4 on (January-February 1998), it was published by CUC Software International Gmbh. CUC merged with HFS Incorporated in December 1997, renaming the company to Cendant, and from Best of Sierra Nr.7 on (July-August 1998), it was published by Cendant Software Deutschland Gmbh. Finally, following the Cendant accounting scandal and the consequent sale of its consumer software division to Paris-based Havas on November 20 1998, Sierra's German division once again was renamed. As a result, Best of Sierra issue 13 (July-August 1999) through 21 were published by HAVAS Interactive Deutschland Gmbh.

Best of Sierra compilations

Sierra occasionally also released compilations of several Best of Sierra releases in one package. The Best of Sierra Limited Edition compilation includes Best of Sierra Nr.1 and Nr.2. Best of Sierra: Die Ultimative PC-Spielesammlung is a compilation of Best of Sierra issues 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12, all in one large box. The Best of Sierra Mega-Collection: Sonderausgabe Nr.2 (Special Edition Nr.2) is a compilation of Best of Sierra issues 13, 15, 16 and 17. While for the Limited Edition new CD-ROMs were printed, it would appear Die Ultimative PC-Spielesammlung and Mega-Collection were released in order to reduce leftover stock as the number of printed copies of new releases were reduced around the same time the compilations were released and as the CD-ROMs are identical to those included in the individual magazine releases.

We also found a box cover of Best of Sierra: 12 top games. This compilation includes Best of Sierra numbers 1 through 6, though we have no additional information about this release at this point.

Later releases

In the mid 2000's a few more Best of Sierra compilations were released which, other than in name, have no connection with the original series. They are also not numbered, but merely compilations of German Sierra game releases of a certain type. As such there are Best of Sierra: Strategy and Best of Sierra: Action.