Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers: 20th Anniversary Edition



when starting up the game, first the configuration window will appear.

Here you can set the resolution, quality versus speed and whether or not the game should be windowed or full-screen. You can also alter the key bindings. In the game settings in the game itself, you cannot change the resolution.

Main menu

When starting the game, the main menu appears. It is very similar to the in-game menu with only a few different options.

Graphic novel: View the graphic novel which is the prelude to the game. This graphic novel, written by Jane Jensen and illustrated by Terese Nielsen, was included as a booklet in the original Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers from 1993. It shows the events in Charleston in 1693 when Gunther Ritter, ancestor of Gabriel Knight, fell in love with a slave, named Tetelo, and how the Schattenjaeger Talisman fell into the hands of a voodoo cult.

Schattenjaeger Archives: Select this option to access bonus material that becomes available as you progress through the game. It contains concept art, character models, storyboards and more of both the original and remake of Gabriel Knight, as well as interviews with several members of the original game's design team.

New Game: Select this to start a new game.

Continue from Checkpoint: in addition to manually saving a game, the game also auto-saves at certain checkpoints - usually when entering a different game location. If you didn't save your progress the last time you played, select this option to restore to the latest checkpoint.

Load game: Select this option to restore a manually-saved game.

Settings: Select this option to change game play, audio or video settings. More details below.

Quit: Select this option to exit the game.

In-game menu

While playing the game, press for the in-game menu to appear. It is very similar to the main menu with only a few different options and the menu items are in a different order. You cannot continue from the latest checkpoint.

Return to game: select this to return to the game and continue playing.

Save Game: Select this to manually save your progress.

Question mark: select the question mark to return to the game and access a brief tutorial on game play.


Select "settings" in the main menu or in-game menu to access the game's settings screen. the settings screen consists of three tabs: game play, audio and display.

Gameplay: in the gameplay tab, you can enable/disable the narrator voice, hints, subtitles and tutorials. You can also chose the language of the subtitles with English, French, German, Italian and Spanish being the available options.

Audio: select this tab to change the master volume or the volumes of the music, sound effects and voices individually.

Display: select this tab to set anti-aliasing. That is the only option. You cannot alter gamma, screen resolution or other display settings. Resolution and detail, as well as whether or not to display the game in a window, are set when you start the game.


Esc: In-game menu
F1: Play the tutorial
F5: Save Menu
F7: Load Menu
I: Inventory shortcut
M: World Map shortcut
Spacebar: Show all Hotspots