Hoyle Battling Ships and War


Signing in

When you start up the game, you'll first see the sign in dialogue box. Set the player you want to play as for the current session. When you start a new game, the human "signed-in" player typically is positioned in the first seat, with computer character players (if any) positioned in the other seats.

You can either add a new player, or select an existing player name from the list. Click OK to accept the default player settings and begin the game.

To change your player's silhouette, move the scroll bar under the player view area at the right of the Sign In dialog box.

To choose a different player (than the default), in the player list, click the name of an existing player, then click OK.

To add a new player to the list, in the Player Name box, delete the current name and then type a name for the player. Click New to add the player to the list.

To delete a player from the list, in the player list, click the name of the player to be removed, then click Delete.

All statistics, standings, and scores are saved for each human player, and persist between game sessions. For example, if you play one game session as Player 1, and play another game session as Player 2, two separate sets of statistics, standings, and scores are stored, one for each player. By default, the name and options in this dialog box are set to the last player to sign in.

Descriptions of menu commands, dialog boxes, and screen elements

File menu

New Player: Opens the Sign In dialog box, which you can use to create a new player or choose a different default player for the current session.

Leave [game]: Ends the current game and returns you to the main Hoyle Battling Ships and War screen. This menu command changes depending on which game you are currently playing.

New Game: Starts a new game of the game you are currently playing. To choose a different type of game, choose Open Game from the File menu, or choose the game's name from the Game menu.

Open Game: Opens a game that you have previously saved. To start a new game of the same type of game you are currently playing, choose New Game from the File menu.

Save Game/Save Game As: Saves the current game along with its current setup, players, statistics, and standings. You can then play the game at another time by choosing Open from the File menu and selecting that game.

Revert To Saved Game: If you reopen a game that you saved in a previous gaming session, and decide after playing for a while that you want to start over at the point where you originally saved the game, you can return to that point in play by choosing Revert To Saved Game from the File menu.

Exit: Closes the Hoyle Battling Ships and War application.

Game menu

Statistics: Displays the Statistics dialog box with information on wins, losses, points, scores, and standings as they apply for each game. Click the player name, then click a game's tab to view statistics for that game.

Battling Ships: Starts a game of Battling Ships.

War: Starts a game of War.

Options menu

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