Pegasus II


Playing Pegasus II

PEGASUS II may be played with either paddles or joystick control. To begin the game, boot the disk as you would any regular disk (it boots under either DOS 3.2 or 3.3). When the game is booted, you will be asked whether you would like to (P)lay the game or generate a new (T)errain. Pegasus II is unique in that the landscape (terrain) over which you will be flying may be changed to anything you like. Terrain generation is discussed separately. When you specify that you would like to play the game you will be asked whether you would like (U)ser or (S)tandard terrain (user terrain is the terrain you define). After selecting a terrain Pegasus II will ask you whether you would like to fly through the (B)eginner, (I)ntermediate, or (A)dvanced tunnel. Until you have considerable flying experience you will not reach the tunnel anyhow, so at first your response here will not matter. The next choice you must make is for your choice of (P)addle or (J)oystick control.

Flight using paddle control

"A" fires your lazer beams
"S" drops bombs
The space bar causes your ship to move forward or backwards. Pressing the space bar while your ship is all the way to the right will cause it to retreat to the left side of the screen. Pressing the space bar again before it has completely shifted to the left side of the screen will cause it to stop. Pressing the space bar after it has completely shifted to the left causes it to move to the right.
Use the dial for up and down movement of your ship.

Flight using joystick control

"A" fires your lazer beams.
"S" drops bobms.
use the joystick for up, down, left and right movement of your ship.

Terrain generator

PEGASUS II allows you the option of creating your own terrain for the game. This is achieved by the user defining twenty one separate "frames" of landscape that the program will throw together randomly. Using this option is very simple and can be done by following these simple directions.

1) Connect game paddles to the I/O.
2) Boot the game disk and select option (T) for Terrain Generator.
3) To begin defining terrain, press paddle button O when prompted and use the dial to control the height of the horizontal line. The short horizontal line on the left side of the screen shows the maximum height that can be achieved in that frame.
4) At the end of the frame you will be prompted with: SAVE THIS FRAME (Y/N). If you are not happy with the screen presently on screen, you have the option of redefining it by typing (N). If you type (Y) the frame will be saved and you will receive a prompt for the next frame.
5) At the end of the twenty first frame, you will be asked to reboot. Reboot the game and when prompted, type (U) for User Terrain.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is necessary for proper placement of defense units that at least one third of the generated landscape be level. If there is not enough flat space in the landscape you will be forced to reboot and begin again.(*)

(*) For those of you that know Hexadecimal, when the number on the left hand corner approaches BFFF you are close to exceeding the amount of unlevel landscape that is acceptable.

Point schedule

Defenses - 20 points
Birds - 25 points
Saucers - 50 points
Tunnel Killers - 100 points
Dragons - 100 points